Double Layer Can

A redesign of the common soda can

Duration: 3 weeks           Team: Nicole Gong, Jumana Sarwar, Kexin Cheng, Tengyue Wang, Akhila Nivarthi, Brandon Le    Skills: Product design, user research


In this class project, my team had to pick an object of any kind that we want to redesign. My group selected a drink can because of how commonly used they are, and because we have all had problems or inconveniences with them before. 

Our redesign included a way to make drink cans reusable and easily to use, called the double layer soda can.

User Research

We conducted a total of 19 interviews, both in person and on Zoom, using the Master-Apprentice model. Our data included both qualitative and quantitative information. 

From our data, we analyzed it and came up with a list of problems that people face with drink cans, so that we can redesign them.

Final Designs

Our redesign is called the “Double-layer drink can”. There will be a top layer and bottom layer each with a hole, and the top layer is rotatable. If the person aligns the two holes, they will be able to drink out of the can. They can also easily close the can and avoid spills.